Human Computer Interaction and All the Different Types

The human computer interaction is actually a popular term already used in the common work places and educational places. This term is used to name all types of interaction made by a human/computer user with the computer itself. To be more precise on human computer interaction definition, it covers all types of subject about computer operating. It ranges from software making, debugging, to programming of the software and planning in designing user interface of certain applications or software. The term is usually abbreviated into HCI and used in colleges, schools, as well as public facility where any interaction between the users and the computer occurs.

The Uniqueness of the Study

The study in human-computer interaction is a unique study. Why is that? This is because when you are conducting this kind of study, you have to make sure that everything you are doing is based on the respective knowledge and principles. Because this is a study between two aspects, which are human and computer, this study takes the point from those two sides. The human computer interaction will study the concept of programming, interface, designing and many aspects in creating and interacting with computer, and combining it with basic principles of human-human communication.

This is an attempt of creating an ideal communication or interaction type between a personal computer and its user. To do that, we have to find the best way to create a program on the computer that resembles to the basic communication we do with other humans. That is usually called android. The system adapts from the basic system of human communication. With that in mind, programs and user interface in the computer are made with basic human communication concept in mind. They are combined in human computer interaction.

What Are the Product

There are so many things that come out of the study of human computer interaction. When you are talking about computer, of course the first thing that comes to mind might be the software inside it. Yes. Applications and programs are software made through study and research in HCI. With applying the theory of communication, software planning, designs and interface are made. They are made to give the users the ultimate comfort in interacting. The language, color selections, designs and functions are all made to get the best interaction experience with the computer. This is not only limited on software development though. Hardware development also requires precise planning and understanding on the best human interaction. You can see this from the various keyboard designs currently available on the market. They are the product of innovation and study on the best human interaction with a computer should be.

These days, working on this line of work is a good talk. The era of technology keeps advancing and new innovations are always needed in various fields of work. More things are computerized. If you are looking for a good job where you can create your own programs or applications, then it is highly recommended that you focus your study on human computer interaction and all the subject and theory inside will be very useful for your career as a software or hardware developer.


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