Human Computer Interaction and Further Information Included

Some people might not be that familiar with human computer interaction that will talk more about the relationship of human and computer, but following explanation will tell you more about this study field and how it will be useful for human. To get more information about such a term that will tell the relationship of human and computer and how computer is used to help human to do their activity. Following explanation will also tell you why it is developed to meet a specific goal with further details provided. Though it seems to be quite complicated explanation you are going to find it quite easy to understand as it presents below.

Explanation about the Study

Following explanation will tell you more about human computer interaction and how it is studied. The study, design, planning and uses of the interaction between computer and users that involve in certain activities is what you are going to find as the simplest explanation of this term about the interaction between human and computer. Though the interaction might be quite similar to the interaction between the other tools with human, computer comes with more possibilities of a wider use compared to the other tools such as hammer for driving nails. This is the simplest way to explain why the interaction between human and computer is rather different.

Furthermore, you will also find that human computer interaction comes with a goal to explain the interaction that happens between human/user and computer. In the following section, we will soon find that further explanation related to the goal of the interaction happens. The point is to make computer to be the tool that can be used for a wider purpose so that the interaction will be improved by making it more receptive and usable for human to use. Those are further explanation of why such interaction is developed between human/user and computer. Following details will tell you more about the interest that such interaction might have.

What We Can Have as the Goal of the Study

Other than general information about human computer interaction, we can have further explanation about such study by looking at its goal. Like what have been mentioned above that such interaction is developed so that human can make computer more usable and receptive to meet human’s need. It is how such interaction is developed. Moreover, there is also a specific field that developed to study such interaction between human and computer so that it will give human benefits of using computer. It is why you will also find there is human computer interaction degree at a certain university or institute that has a more specific study toward the interaction between them. Though it might be limited information you have here, it has given you clearer explanation about that particular field of study. If you are quite interested in such a field on interaction between human and computer, the study that has been done by providing such a degree at some institutes will help you to understand human computer interaction better.


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